Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Guest Blogger: Angela

Beautiful Rocks by Angela

On my weekend I went to San Francisco and I went to the Rainforest Cafe. My mom bought me some special rocks. Some of them have sparkles and all of them are colorful. I got a blue heart one. Also I have a golden one. It is kind of yellow but for me it is golden. The colors are pink, purple, golden, white, brown, light pink, green, blue, light blue and fuchsia. I have 26 rocks in all. I have 9 sparkle ones, I have 6 dotted ones, and 11 colorful ones. Have you ever had these kind of rocks? Look at the picture and see if you can find the dotted rocks, the colorful rocks or the sparkle ones? Try to find the heart one. Here is a clue. It is light blue.  


Guest Blogger: Aekas

Legoland Hotel in San Diego

In September 2013, I went to a hotel called Legoland Hotel. It was a dream come true! There were Legos everywhere. You check in for your room and get a scavenger hunt map. The clues are all around the hotel.

The hotel had a castle play area, Lego pits and lots of cafes. It has different themed rooms – Pirates, adventure and kingdom. We got pirate themed room.

When you go to the room, there are 8 Lego models in each room.  The rooms have a bedroom for parents and a room for kids with bunk bed and trundle bed. The kids room also has a bucket of legos for the kids to play with.

We looked at the clues in the room and got the code for the treasure chest. We opened it and got Lego mini figures and comic books. We rode in the disco elevator where you can dance till you reach your floor. On the first floor, there is whoopee cushion by the elevators.
In the afternoon, we entered a cake contest. Kids are supposed to use Legos in Lego pits to make different types of cakes. My brother and I made a pyramid cake. To present our cake we went downstairs and played games and then they saw everybody’s cake and gave prizes.


Legoland hotel hosts pool party every evening. We went to the pool and swam and watched Lego Ninjago movies – Way of the Ninja and King of Shadows. Then we ate at the restaurant by the pool.
They have a cool Bricks café where kids can eat on their own. We went there for breakfast.
Trust me, you should all go there. You will love it!