Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Student Blogger: Trésor

We surprised my sister on trip to Reno. It took a long time, but we ate lunch and watched a movie to keep busy. We stayed in a big hotel. We ran to the elevator to get to our room.  The beds were really soft. Me and my brothers love to jump on the beds. We went to a special restaurant that had a lot of different food like shrimp, pizza, noodles, fruit, chicken and ice cream. My mom and dad surprised my sister with flowers, balloons and gifts while she was eating. While we were singing to her, I accidentally spilled water on myself and I felt a little embarrassed.  When we left the restaurant we changed and went bowling and got to stay up really late. I had a lot of fun. When were leaving the hotel, we saw an AquaRange. This is where people can hit golf balls into buckets in the water. Maybe we can do that next time.


Student Blogger: Elliott

Three weeks ago, I shot a water rocket with my dad and my brother.  We went to Tanzanite Park. It had a huge field. The water rocket was made from a soda bottle with fins on the side. The fins were attached to the threads on the bottle. We took a tire pump and we hooked a tube to it.  Then the tube was connected to a cork which was connected to bottom of the soda bottle.  We filled the bottle 1/3 full of water.  We pumped about five to ten times.  It had so much pressure, it popped off the cork and it went 100 feet straight up.  It was very fun.

Student Blogger: Peyton

Read Peyton's story about the time that it rained chocolate chips and sprinkles!
When I was walking down the street, it started to rain chocolate chips and sprinkles. They tasted super good. Some of the chocolate chips were caramel butterscotch and some were just plain chocolate chips. The sprinkles were rainbow colors. It was fun eating them so I brought some home for my family. When I got home it was still raining chocolate chips and sprinkles, so I called inside to tell them to come out. So Mom, Dad, and Brother came out to see what was going on. We all grabbed 4 humongous buckets to catch the chocolate chips and sprinkles. We brought all of them in to make dessert. It was delectable! :)

Student Blogger: Kobe

Orcas are also known as killer whales. Orcas have black and white skin. They have sharp, pointed teeth that hunt in the water. They eat leopard seals and other sea mammals. They only have one blowhole to breathe air. They have blubber to keep them warm. They live in salt water. They are migratory. They know where they are going. They are playful in the sea. They like to breach and poke their heads out of the water to see their surroundings. I've seen orcas at Sea World.

Student Blogger: Tony

My dad took me to two Kings games. It was fun! I was yelling "boo" to the other team. They won one of the games and lost one. I took a toy with me. It was Star Wars Han Solo. My dad bought me a shirt and my brother a hat.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Student Blogger: Mariana

First grader, Mariana, tells us what she is thankful for!
  1. God
  2. Mom
  3. Dad
  4. My dog, Lova
  5. My dog, Jetta
  6. My house
  7. My toys
  8. My cousins
  9. Miss Kloczko
  10. Mrs. Kloczko
  11. My life
  12. My books
  13. Math books
  14. School
  15. Movies and TV
  16. Games
  17. Yard sales
  18. Lots of learning
  19. Homework
  20. My tent
  21. The world
  22. TV characters
  23. Airplanes
  24. Cars
  25. The news
  26. Everything except for bad guys

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Student Blogger: Chase

Chase and Maya drawing their blue whale's baleen during a team task
Measurement by Chase

Temperature is a measurement of hot and cold. In the Summer the temperature is higher, but in the Winter the temperature is lower. A thermometer is the tool used to measure temperature.
Weight is a measurement of how heavy something is.  A child weighs less than an adult. A scale is the tool used to measure weight.
Inches are another type of a measurement. They describe the length of something. For example, I am 54 inches tall. My dad is 76 inches tall. A ruler is the tool used to measure inches.

Student Blogger: Colin

Leopard seals eat fish, krill, and penguins. Leopard seals can stay underwater for like a whole recess. Isn't that so cool? That is 15-30 minutes. They also weigh 1,000 pounds!

I found this super picture through Google. It’s the anatomy of a leopard seal!

Student Blogger: Emily M


I like the playground at recess.  It is pretty like a park.  There are shade things.

I like to slide on the big yellow slide.  I like the little slide too.

I like the wood playhouse.  It has a steering wheel in it.

The blue monkey bars are for challenges.  The yellow monkey bars are for practice.  I have not been on the monkey bars.  They are too high for me.

The last time I played dodge ball, the ball hit me in the eye.

The playground is awesome!

-Emily M.

Friday, February 7, 2014

A New Book!

Today in first grade, we published a new class book, Today I Had the Blues...
First, we read Yesterday I Had the Blues by Jeron Ashford Frame. (If you click on the title, you can hear the book read aloud!) The first time we read it, it was a little confusing! But after reading it again and talking about the book, we realized that the author was actually talking about feelings! We talked about what it means to feel "blue," and what kind of things make us feel like that. We even talked about what "purple," orange," and "red" might feel like, and that different colors might feel different for different people!

We talked about how this book is like a poem almost,  that when you read it, you can really hear the author's voice. Then, we all tried it on our own! Everyone was so creative, and our book turned out awesome.

Watch the video version of our class book below, or check it out in our classroom library! Thanks for reading!

Today I Have the Blues... by Miss Kloczko's Class on PhotoPeach

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Student Blogger: Aniruddh

First grader Aniruddh wants to share what he has learned about leopard seals!
Leopard Seals

Leopard Seals are also called sea leopards. They live in Antarctica. They eat penguins, fish and krill. Leopard seal's enemy is orca whales. This is because orca whales eat leopard seals.

Student Blogger: Aekas

Aekas and his friend Elliott drew a full-length blue whale in the parking lot. They even labeled its dorsal fin!
Hi, my name is Aekas and I am learning about orca whales, leopard seals, and blue whales.
A fact about the blue whale is that they are 82 feet long and weigh from 200,000 to 300,000 pounds. They have baleen. Baleen is a thick, little broom in their mouth that sucks up krill and plankton. Sometime blue whales have white spots and sometimes they don’t. They live in all oceans on the earth. Here is a picture of a blue whale.
 A fact about orca whales is that they have a white patch on the top of their eye. They live in the Arctic and Antarctic. Here is a fossil of the orca whale skull.
  A fact about the leopard seal is that they are found in the Antarctic. They are predators and eat penguins, krill, and plankton.  It can live 26 years or more. If they are not hungry then they play with penguins. Here is a picture of a leopard seal.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Student Blogger: Kelvin

My favorite foods are:
  1. yogurt
  2. bananas 
  3. apples
  4. eggs
  5. ice cream
  6. blueberries
  7. cake
  8. noodles
  9. juice
  10. cherries
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Student Blogger: Emily J.

Hi, my name is Emily J. I love Miss Kloczko. She teaches me many cool things. She teaches us about Antarctica and the Polar Habitat and leopard seals and whales. We have something in common. We both love baseball. This weekend I will be trying out for a new team. I am so excited because my mom will be my coach. It will be cool for my mom to be the coach.

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Student Blogger: Anderson

Hi, my name is Anderson.

The leopard seal’s predator is the orca whale. The leopard seal’s diet is penguins, krill, and fish. It is 1,000 pounds and 11 feet long. It has sharp teeth. It can stay underwater for 15-30 minutes.

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