Saturday, May 21, 2016

Open House and More!

We wrote autobiography poems. Our poems had a picture of us on them. -Jade

We did a big, big spelling test. -Fabiana

We read The Thank You Book. Piggie thanked everyone. She almost forgot someone important! -Jaykob
I just found out that this book that just came out is the LAST Elephant and Piggie book in the series! :(
We went to the book fair, but I didn't buy anything until my dad took me. -Allyson

Miss Kloczko made a mind map about the keel-billed toucan and we helped her. -Damion

We learned the word "mimic" but that was too easy for us because we already knew that, so Miss Kloczko taught us about biomimicry. When people use tongs that is biomimicry. -Parker

On Monday, the first grade teachers for next year came, and one was Mrs. Duley. -Juan Carlos

A second grader was our mystery reader. She read "Slowly, Slowly, Slowly," Said the Sloth and The Umbrella. -Tianna

We practiced our American symbols songs. My favorite is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. -Indigo

We made tear art keel-billed toucans with colorful beaks. -Lea

On Friday after our spelling test, we did Go Noodle. -Nya

We came to school for Open House. We taught our parents and our families about first grade. -Jared

I was the first one at Open House. -Alex

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Student Blogger: Fabiana

Hello, I am a student in Miss Kloczko's class. I love colors and today the art show had lots of color. My toucan was bright. The bill was green, bright like a lime. I love my art class. My mom made a donation and I put a "sold" sticker on my picture.

My favorite chant is Take Me into to the Rainforest. And I love the the Statue of Liberty song, because it has lots of information and the tune is great. And now I am going to sing it to my mom and read a book because is bedtime.

Good night!


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Friday, May 13, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week and the Sacramento Zoo!

We made a sloth for Fun Friday. -Fabiana

We learned about the keel-billed toucan. It has a special feet for grasping branches and hopping. -Indigo

We learned about the spider monkey. -Parker

We read Where is the Party? You should read it because it has a surprise ending. -Anshika

We put rosettes on a jaguar. Rosettes are spots. -Cooper

We took a spelling test with some consonant-l-e words and kn words and igh words. -Damion

We made scarlet macaws. -Lea

We learned that the keel-billed toucan grabs onto its food and then flips it into its mouth. -Anahi

On writer's workshop today we wrote on fancy paper. -Mati

Spider monkeys have long arms to reach branches. -Jaykob

We went on a field trip but I didn't go. Allyson's mom sent pictures to my mom and she sent a picture of an animal with a pink stomach that looked like a rat. It was on its back. -Juan Carlos

We learned a new signal word, security. -Alex

A keel-billed toucan's beak is colorful. -Aaqil

There is going to be a show at the end of the year of America songs. -Ryan

We learned new songs. I like them. My favorite is the first one. -Jared

At the zoo we saw a jaguar and its tail was missing. -Jade

We saw a real red panda and it was cute. -Tanaya

When we were doing the songs, one of the songs is "American Symbols on Parade." We saw a snow leopard at the zoo. -Tianna

My favorite animals at the zoo were the snow leopard and the giraffes. -Kendall

At the zoo, we dropped our scavenger hunt paper in the tortoise cage. -Allyson

I finished my America book this week! -Carol

I finished my America book too! -Jules

It was Teacher Appreciation week and we made our teacher happy. -Isandro

On Friday for Writer's Workshop, we did writing all about us. -Nya

My favorite animals from the zoo were the jaguar, lion, and snow leopard. -Cedrus

I got to stay in from recess for the first time to help my teacher with finishing my sloth and offering to help clean the classroom up. -Liam

Friday, May 6, 2016

Rainforest: Round 2!

Welcome back to our class blog! It has been awhile! This week we started learning about the rainforest (again). A few weeks ago, in the middle of studying Australia, we learned about South America for a week when the Project GLAD demonstration was in our classroom. But now we are really diving in (and Miss Kloczko gets to teach this time)!

We made turtles! -Jade
(We started these last week when we were finishing up with Australia!)

We read Afternoon on the Amazon. -Juan Carlos

My favorite part of the week was when Miss Kloczko read us a book, Afternoon on the Amazon.

We made Mother's Day gifts! -Allyson

We are taking some special papers home. In workshop today our group did Star Wars math. We added numbers with ones and tens.  -Aaqil

We read a chapter book. -Liam

I drew pictures for Jaguars Here, Jaguars There in my poetry folder for workshop. -Tianna

We learned about jaguars. We learned that they hide from their prey. -Kendall

I want to know if  we are going to learn about the aye-aye? -Lorenzo

This week at art we did a special project. It was a nice toucan. -Mati

I got to color the spots in the jaguar's rosettes. -Lea

Jaguars hunt tapirs, monkeys, and birds. -Jules

We learned about the jaguar. If I was a jaguar, I would eat fish. -Jared

On Thursday and Friday, Miss Kloczko read us Afternoon on the Amazon. We learned about the jaguar.  -Nya

We watched Wild Kratts. We saw a jaguar, a harpy eagle, and a basilisk lizard in the rainforest on Wild Kratts. We learned what vocalize means. -Kyara

Today we were sly. That word was a new word in our chant. -Jaykob

We learned a new signal word. The word was strata. It means layers of the rainforest. -Anshika

We learned about the jaguar again. -Anahi

We did a jaguar chart and a Mother's Day present. -Parker

We read Magic Tree House #6. -Tanaya

The rainforest is close to the equator. -Damion

We learned about the jaguar. It eats sloths. Poor sloths. -Indigo

We made a Mother's Day gift. -Carol

We finished our sea turtles and did a spelling test. We did our best. We have a secret present for Mother's Day. -Fabiana

We got new teams. -Cooper

We also started a new chapter in math! We are learning about data, and how to create and read different types of graphs. Next week, the kids will be able to do their own surveys and create graphs to show the data they collect! We also talked about mindfulness. The kids are already earning lots of team points for showing mindfulness!

This book was perfect! Thank you Ms. Hines, for sharing with Mrs. Kahler, who shared with me. ;)

Thanks for reading! Happy Mother's Day, moms!