Monday, October 19, 2015

Student Blogger: Anahi

First grader, Anahi, did some research on orangutans at home and wants to share what she learned with you! She also found some pictures and a video to share!

How many types of orangutans are there?
There are two species or types of orangutans.

Where do orangutans live?
Orangutans live in Indonesia and Malaysia on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. These are the only places where they live in the wild.

What does orangutan mean?
The word orangutan comes from the Malay language and means "person of the forest"-- from the words "orang," meaning people, and "hutan," meaning forest. 

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Back from Break!

We starting retelling the story Panda and Polar Bear and we wrote a lot! -Allyson

We learned brand new signal words like "island." -Liam

We made a chart to help us make orangutan sentences. -Anshika

We wrote a big paragraph about animals from Asia. -Lea

We did a new spelling test and we were really quiet. -Jaykob

We watched Mulan. It takes place in China. -Aaqil

We did "H is for White House" for our America books. -Juan Carlos

We did Roll and Tally during workshop. -Cooper

We made an animal classification chart. And I found out that there is more than one Scaredy Squirrel book. -Alex

We did jumping and hopping and skipping in PE. -Anahi

We wrote about a perfect friend after we read Scaredy Squirrel Makes a New Friend. -Fabiana

Mammal, fish, bird, reptile, and amphibian are on our animal classification chart. -Parker

Our paragraph has facts about the giant panda, peafowl, and orangutans. -Tianna

New books for our library came in the mail. -Tanaya

We read This is a Moose. -Kendall

The president lives in the white house. -Deniz

Miss Kloczko finally gave us new erasers. -Kyara

We learned a new signal word, "punctuation." -Damion

One of the new books we got was Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend. -Jules

I found a new book series, Ivy and Bean. -Indigo

3rd graders did Star in Motion with us this week. -Cedrus

We learned about elevation. -Jared

Today Miss Kloczko gave out new awards like the punctuation award and the island award. -Nya

We saw the Great Wall of China in Mulan. -Carol

We played Sight Word Bingo during workshop. -Lorenzo

We took a short math test this week with subtraction. -Isandro

I read a chapter book. -Ryan

We read Zen Shorts. Stillwater tells short stories to the kids. -Jade

I was absolutely AMAZED by the paragraph we were able to put together about Asia's animals this week (and with the kids' stamina at the carpet while we revised and revised and revised it)! Next week, we will wrap up our study of Asia. We'll be learning about the Great Wall of China and the first graders will get to construct their own models of the Great Wall! Stay tuned for next week's blog post! -Miss Kloczko

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Happy Fall Break!

Hello readers! Read about our week and enjoy your fall break!

We learned new words like compare, anthropologist, and details. -Ryan

We did "The Chicken Dance" at Star in Motion. -Cedrus

We learned that some orangutans have puffy cheeks. -Tanaya

We painted orangutans. -Jaykob

We learned new sight words, like little, where, and saw. -Jared

We read The Day the Crayons Came Home. -Juan Carlos

Miss Kloczko made us applesauce, we learned how to write a recipe, and then we got to eat it. -Lea

Miss Kloczko got a new timer. It beeps. -Lorenzo

We did "I Can Spell Anthropologist" without looking. -Anahi

We learned about the orangutan. -Carol

We cut out our orangutan pieces and glued them together for Fun Friday. -Indigo

We put glitter on our peacocks. -Isandro

We got to taste apples. We tasted granny smith, golden delicious, red delicious, and gala. -Liam

We read Panda and Polar Bear again and we are getting really good at remembering the story. -Nya

We watched a movie with real orangutans during science. -Aaqil

We watched an episode of Wild Kratts about orangutans. -Jade

We learned that mother orangutans chomp leaves to make medicine for their babies. -Kendall

We read a book that told us about orangutans. -Tianna

We read Please, Mr. Panda. -Cooper

Miss Kloczko read it to us in Spanish and English. -Damion

We learned about writing with details. -Parker

We wrote about fall. -Kyara

Check out our last post to read about our brainstorming process!

Details tell you more and they help the reader imagine what you're writing about. -Deniz

We ate apples and thought of words to describe them. -Anshika

Orangutans have long arms to help them swing in the trees. -Jules

Some other fun things this week...

We learned about 49'ers!

The kids put panda sentences together during workshop.

One of this week's homework digital challenges... so much knowledge and so many new questions to answer!

Healthy peacock snacks at home! Thank you Allyson, Anahi, and Deniz for sharing!

Anahi's mom was our mystery reader on Wednesday. She read Dragons Love Tacos!

The first graders decorated kindness capes for the kindergarteners and we delivered them with Captain Kindness! Check out this blog post from our counselor, Ms. Hines, about kindness!
Thank you to Anahi's mom for the great photos of our act of kindness!

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