Friday, August 28, 2015

Week 3!

Another busy week!

We made skunks during Fun Friday! -Aaqil and Lorenzo

We made a book called The Day the Playground Quit after we read The Day the Crayons Quit. -Nya and Carol
Watch the video below to hear the letter we wrote together from Basketball! Check the blog next week to see our finished class book!

The projector exploded yesterday during math. -Jade and Indigo

Miss Kloczko's salad exploded too. -Kyara and Anshika

We tried to read for 20 minutes without stopping. We almost made it to 5 minutes! -Isandro and Anahi

We got new colored pencils as a reward for making our work nice and neat! -Cedrus and Ryan

We learned some new routines for Star in Motion after we saw kindergarten doing them. We learned sky, T, H, V, tree trunk, bridge, and elbows, and head. -Jaykob and Alex

We revised our letters for The Day the Playground Quit. -Tianna and Fabiana

We read Night Animals. -Juan Carlos and Cooper

We learned what "revise" means. -Damion
*Watching the video below, I just realized the kids are saying "to look at something again and prove it," rather than improve it! :) Looks like we get to use this signal word again on Monday! 

We read Stuck and it was very funny. -Deniz and Lea

We read Tea Party Rules by Ame Dyckman. -Parker and Jared

We learned the word "vast." It means huge, gigantic, or enormous. -Allyson and Tanaya

We learned about the skunk. Its spray is called musk. -Kendall and Jules

We played a special version of Connect Four to practice addition and we read the story Bravest of the Brave. After hearing the story, the kids wrote their own stories about when they've had to be brave! I loved listening to some of the kids share! -Miss Kloczko

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Week 2: Bears, Bears Everywhere!

Another awesome week in first grade... it went by so fast!

We played Silent Partners and did B in our A is for America book. -Ryan

We are learning new signal words like external, on the outside. -Alex

We read A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee. The bear wanted to eat the marshmallows. -Lorenzo

We did a spelling test today so Miss Kloczko can see what we already know how to spell. -Cooper

We made black bears during Fun Friday. -Jared
(I have to add that I absolutely LOVED that some kids chose to help their friends tear pieces of paper for their art when they finished early!)

We read Goodnight Already! -Jaykob

We read Baby Bear Sees Blue. -Tianna

We read Ish and learned that it's okay if our drawings are not perfect. -Jules

We played Mystery Number. -Indigo

We read The Bear Ate Your Sandwich. I liked it. -Liam

We read That Is Not a Good Idea, and we wrote our own bad ideas. -Jade

We read Bear Snores On and talked about and wrote about how we feel when we wake up. -Allyson

We learned what vertebrate means. People are vertebrates. -Lea

We practiced our reading stamina. -Aaqil

We read More Bears. -Juan Carlos

We wrote about bears and everything we learned. -Isandro

We did sight words. -Parker

We read a book about a skunk called A Pet for Petunia when we were taking a break from our tear art. -Anahi

We got bonus points for doing our team goals that we made last Friday. -Deniz

We made a self portrait with Mrs. Shane and we also read a story about a little girl and a little bear cub eating blueberries called Blueberries for Sal. -Tanaya

Miss Kloczko told us a story called Are You My Mother? -Kyara

I liked how we learned more about the black bear and the continents. -Kendall

We put smart cards on the black bear chart. -Damion

We learned the word setting. It's where a book or movie takes place. -Fabiana

I gave coffee to Miss Kloczko and the principal that my mom and dad made and Miss Kloczko was so happy! -Cedrus

We wrote for a long time without stopping. -Nya

We read some more Mercy Watson. -Carol

We met our reading buddies! I got to see some of my very first first graders who are now third graders! Still can't believe how grown up they are! -Miss Kloczko

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