Friday, February 10, 2017

European Hedgehog Experts

Jan Brett taught us how to draw a hedgehog. -Ella

We got to read with our buddies. -Logan

We read a book and it was called Apple Trouble. -Brielle

After we read Apple Trouble, we wrote an opinion piece about it. -Alexia

One day we made a list of things that could get stuck on a hedgehog. -Sophia M.

We wrote an Apple Trouble story of our own. We got to change what gets stuck on the hedgehog. We used the lists we made in our notebooks. -Mihir

We wrote our opinion about if we would like to have a pet hedgehog. -Alexis

Hedgehogs have really bad eyesight. -Sophia D.

We had lunch when 4th graders had lunch. We had to have super stamina after lunch every day. -Oscar

We wrote our favorite words from this book called Owl Moon. -Antonio

This week was Kindness Week. -Lucia

We learned the word defend. It means to keep something safe. -Owen

We learned the word for baby hedgehog. It is hoglet. -Noora

We learned the word nocturnal. Owls are nocturnal, because they are awake at night and sleep during the day. -Savannah

I learned that the hedgehog can roll into a ball. -Gino

I learned that hedgehogs have thousands of spikes. -Krishelle

We wrote friendly letters to show kindness. Our class wrote 27 letters. -Sam

For our America book, two weeks in a row it had the Statue of Liberty. This week we got to draw people inside. -Jacob

When hedgehogs are born, they are super duper pink. -Jonah

We learned that hedgehogs stay with their mothers for 4-7 weeks. -Aiden