Sunday, October 30, 2016

Red Ribbon Week, the Indian Peafowl, and Books Galore

We read Creepy Carrots. -Lilliana

We learned about the peacock. -Brielle

We made creepy carrots with our 3rd grade buddies. -Alexis

We read Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse. -Ginger

We finished our orangutans from last week. - Krishelle

We read a book called Nanette's Baguette. -Jonah

We made peacocks. -Logan

We read a book called Pete the Cat, Scuba Cat. -Antonio

We wore our pajamas for Pajama Day. -Noora

We dressed up as pirates on Friday. -Aiden

We read Ladybug Girl. -Ella

We read Three Hens and a Peacock. -Sam

We read The Enormous Potato. -Owen

On Thursday, we watched a video about a peacock. -Sophia D.

We read The Pirate Jamboree. -Henry

We talked about healthy food and wrote a list of healthy food with Ms. D. -Sophia M.

We went to the book fair. -Carson
Image credit: Janet Casaverde-Pineda
Thank you first grade families, and Ms. D., for all of the wonderful gifts from the book fair! 

We learned about jazz music. -Lucia

We wrote about what we thought Miss Kloczko should be for Halloween. -Mihir

We did the Jog-a-Thon. -Gino

We learned the word anthropologist. -Savannah

We learned the word develop. It means to grow or change over time. -Jacob

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Orangutans and More!

We learned a new signal word that means over and over again. It's repetition. -Krishelle

We learned about orangutans. They're furry. They sometimes have big huge cheeks. -Savannah

I learned that orangutans get a beard when they become adults. -Aiden

We went to Market Day and I bought a paper airplane. -Gino

We learned about orangutans. I saw them on Wild Kratts once. Orangutans eat soil. -Noora

We did WIN this week and my mom was our mystery reader on Wednesday. -Ginger

Ms. D taught us and we learned about the Mariana Trench. It's in the Pacific Ocean and it's very deep. -Jonah

We made the White House for our America book. It has a lot of rooms and the president lives there. -Sophia M.

Today at 10:10, we went to Market Day. We only had two tickets to spend and I wanted to buy more. -Sophia D.

We did a project and it was fun. We made the Earth. You couldn't see all of the continents because it doesn't have a back. -Lilliana

We did subtracting in math. You start with the whole and you take away a part. -Brielle

We learned about orangutans. I hope we learn about the red panda next because I'm on the red panda team! -Owen

We got a choice of three questions about the Mariana Trench to look up on the chromebooks with our teams. -Sam

I was stung by a bee. -Henry

We learned that orangutans have long arms for hanging on branches. I like orangutans so much, -Oscar

We read Panda and Polar Bear and I think we will write about it next week. -Ella

We painted pieces of an orangutan and we're going to put it together next week. -Lucia

We went to the Book Fair in the library to see what books we want. -Antonio

We read with our buddies. -Carson

We read Sam and Jump. I liked it because at the end Sam and Thomas and Jump were all best friends. -Mihir

I wrote about a picture of a baby orangutan holding on to its mother and I wrote about my favorite utensil, the spoon. And we wrote about quiet. When you're doing science, it's not quiet, because sometimes things can blow up! -Logan

We put a chant in our poetry folders. I drew a panda, a peacock, and a koi fish. -Jacob

We learned that orangutans have brown or reddish orange fur. -Alexis

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Lots of Writing and a Little Rain

This week went by so fast! We only had three days of school, but we still learned a bunch and did a lot! Here's what we did this week:

It rained and we got to play with our toys. And we read a book from the library about siberian tigers. -Oscar

We had indoor recess and played with our toys inside. -Jonah

It was raining and wrote an opinion piece about it. -Ms. D.

Today we made our own pandas, just using paper, q-tips, and water. -Ginger

We wrote two times in one day! -Lilliana

We wrote informative pieces about pandas. -Aiden

We ate lunch in our new gym today. -Logan

We wrote about the rain after Miss Kloczko showed us a picture of an orangutan in the rain. -Krishelle

We had a new signal word today, opinion.  Opinion is what you think. -Antonio

In the gym, we had a dance party when we were eating lunch, and it was really fun. -Sophia D.

We all wrote stories about a panda who fell asleep. -Ella

We learned more about giant pandas. -Alexis

We did opinion writing today. -Lucia

We have new table groups. I'm on the peacock team. -Mihir

Yesterday we read The Not So Quiet Library, and then we played a game where we had to had to guess whose voice we heard. -Savannah

Today we read books with our third grade buddies. -Noora

We read a book, Panda and Polar Bear, on the chart. -Brielle

We started to talk about subtraction. That's when you take away. -Henry

Our third grade buddies came today. -Sophia M.

We learned what closure means. It means bringing your writing to an end. -Owen

We read Please, Mr. Panda. -Carson

We read I'll Wait, Mr. Panda, the sequel of Please, Mr. Panda. -Sam

I made a tiny panda during Fun Friday. -Gino

We also had a special mystery reader this week, our books for our Donors Choose project arrived (THANK YOU to those of you who contributed!), and one of our first grade friends lost a tooth! I love missing-tooth smiles! What a fun week! Thanks for  reading— leave us a comment if you have a minute!