Sunday, May 10, 2015

Take Me into the Rainforest

We had a great week! (And I had an extra special week with lots of treats from my sweet first graders and their families!)

We put spots on jaguars using our fingers and paint. -Michael

We got to vote for the animal we want to learn about next. -Jacob

We did workshop 2 times on Thursday. -Wesley

We learned what "plumage" means. It means feathers that cover the body of a bird. -Parker

Our teams for dodgeball are South America and Rainforest. -Analisa

We learned new chants. -Emma

We got new teams. -Ainsley

We're studying confidence. -Milana

We did a spelling test on Friday. -Cedric

We did our inquiry chart for South America. -Thomas

We had two new workshop jobs practicing capitalization and proper nouns. -Milo

We're learning about believing in yourself. -Hailey

We made a world map of rainforests. -Sarah

We sorted our A is for America pages. -Noah K.

We learned the word "strata." It means layers or levels. -Courtney

Miss Kloczko finally gave us our Australia posters! -Rohin

We got team points for confidence. -AJ

We learned a chant about clocks. -Jalen

We played dodgeball. -Noah T.

We learned about proper nouns like Chloe, Thomas's dog. -Eliana

We did "Take Me into the Rainforest." -Leila

We made a song about first graders and our prepositional phrases had proper nouns. -Amaru

This week, the digital challenge was to share what you would like to learn about in South America, or to share what you already know. I can't believe we are studying our last continent of the year! -Miss Kloczko

I hope your week was as fun as ours! Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there, especially my own! :)

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