Friday, April 22, 2016

Student Blogger: Ryan

Ryan’s Minecraft World

Creative mode
  1. Did you know that in Minecraft you can build lots of stuff in creative mode.
  2. You can also make a house in creative mode!

                                                             Survival mode
  1. Survival mode is a dangerous place.  Do you know why?  When the sun is down, mobs come out like 1.  Spiders 2.  Skeletons  3.  Zombies 4.  Endermen.
  2. And do you know what is so funny in Minecraft? You have to find blocks, destroy the blocks, and then build it.
Mincraft Hunger Games #2
                                                 This is when someone is joining.
                                           All What I know about Electra
  1. Did you know in Minecraft you can fly.  The name is called Electra.
  2. This is how to use Electra in creative mode. 1.  Fly up. 2.  Touch the space bar 2 times. 3.  Touch the space bar 1 more time. 4.  Use the mouse to control to fly.

Here are some of my worlds: