Saturday, September 12, 2015

1 Continent Down, 6 to Go!

It was a short week, but we were busy! Say goodbye to the animals of North America... next week we'll be visiting a new continent, Asia!

We made art of the layers of the forest. -Cooper

We read Penguin and Pinecone. -Jade

We became the first members of the Kind Kids Club. -Lea

We finished Brother Bear today and we saw a video with baby cubs playing and a video with a grizzly catching a fish. -Nya
Here's another video like the ones we watched in class!

We read our class book Stuck. -Tianna

We learned the word "classification." The monarch butterflies stumped us with that word. -Kyara

We learned what "resource" means. -Juan Carlos

We learned some new sight words. The sight word wall is a resource we can use.  -Tanaya

We practiced using our science sentence frames. -Aaqil

I got to be the scout! -Jaykob

We wrote about what we did during the long weekend. -Alex

Miss Kloczko accidentally got a giant hot dog at the Rivercats game and she wrote about it with us. -Fabiana

We finished learning about North America. -Cedrus

We played Ten Frame Toss with dice. -Jared

Miss Kloczko drew the forest for us and we learned about the layers. -Indigo

Miss Kloczko is giving out the North America posters today. -Ryan

We wrote about being responsible. -Anshika

I was the point person today. -Deniz

We read Me with You. -Anahi

We read Stick and Stone. -Carol

Stick and Stone was about friendship. -Jules

I received 11 emails this week about North America from my first graders! -Miss Kloczko
  • Jared said: "I learned that bald eagles live in the canopy of the forest."
  • Ryan said: "I learned that North America has grizzly bears. Grizzly bears live in the coniferous forest."
  • Parker said: "I learned about the bald eagle."
  • Anahi said: "One thing I learned about North America is that it is a continent. It is big. I love learning!"
  • Kendall said: "An interesting fact that I remember about North America is that it is the third largest continent in the world."
  • Lea said: "I learned that the bald eagle lives in North America. And the bald eagle is called bald eagle because it looks bald."
  • Tanaya said: "I learned that skunks, black bears, and bald eagles live in North America."
  • Jade said: "One thing I learned is that the bald eagle lives in North America."
  • Fabiana said: "The bald eagle is a symbol of our country and it has no teeth. It has sharp talons."
  • Isandro said: "I learned eagles live there."
  • Deniz said: "I learned about the top of a forest. It's called the canopy."

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! Good job!!!

    Melissa B

  2. What a busy week, First Grade Friends! I really enjoyed seeing your forest layers artwork and the math games look like such fun! Thank you for sharing your learning adventures.
    (Anahi's Mom)