Thursday, May 8, 2014

Student Blogger: Leonardo

My Trip to Six Flags during Spring Break.
During spring break I went to Six Flags with my family and my cousin David. We had a great time because we are the same age and we got in lots of rides. It was my second trip to Six Flags this season, and I got to go on new rides and I saw a new animal show that had snakes, bobcat, bats, skunk, porcupine, and birds.
I went racing on the go-karts with my Dad and my cousin Eric, I was upset because I was not tall enough to drive the go-cart, so I got to be the passenger and my dad drove, but it still lots of fun. My Dad and my cousin Eric got on the big boys rides, they went on Medusa, Kong, and Vertical Velocity. I was kind of happy that I'm not tall enough to get on the big rides because they look scary.
Maybe next year I'll be tall enough to go on Medusa.


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  1. Wowsie wow wows! I have been to six flags too!