Monday, May 19, 2014

Student Blogger: Emily M.

I love my bear!

Her name is Bear.  I have had her since I was born.  She is made of stuffing.  She sleeps with me.  She is cuddly and soft.

We keep each other safe.

Emily M.

Student Blogger: Trѐsor

Hello Friends,

On Saturday, I was getting dressed to see my Auntie. My Auntie was moving into a new apartment. We packed a lunch, snacks and things for my Auntie’s new apartment. Then we got the keys and drove to Stockton. We stopped at my grandma’s house to pick her up. We surprised Aunt Keturah with new things. She was very excited and grateful. We danced and played with our cousins while my mom and Nana was putting up things. I had a fun day!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Student Blogger: Sophia

Hi, I'm Sophia and I will tell you about the animal show at the Sacramento Zoo. First, I learned about macaws, snakes, armadillos, alligators and hedgehogs. At the end I petted the snake, alligator and a hedgehog. I was scared to pet the alligator because it didn't have a rope tied around its mouth. And believe it or not, the hedgehog wasn't even prickly! Ha ha! My favorite part was when the armadillo ran under my legs! I think the next show will be good too.
Again I'm Sophia and here's a video of the armadillo.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Student Blogger: Leonardo

My Trip to Six Flags during Spring Break.
During spring break I went to Six Flags with my family and my cousin David. We had a great time because we are the same age and we got in lots of rides. It was my second trip to Six Flags this season, and I got to go on new rides and I saw a new animal show that had snakes, bobcat, bats, skunk, porcupine, and birds.
I went racing on the go-karts with my Dad and my cousin Eric, I was upset because I was not tall enough to drive the go-cart, so I got to be the passenger and my dad drove, but it still lots of fun. My Dad and my cousin Eric got on the big boys rides, they went on Medusa, Kong, and Vertical Velocity. I was kind of happy that I'm not tall enough to get on the big rides because they look scary.
Maybe next year I'll be tall enough to go on Medusa.


Student Blogger: Ashlyn

Ashlyn took a trip to St. George, Utah over Spring Break and shared some very cool pictures with us! Check it out! Can you find the reptile?

Student Blogger: Emily M.

My Vacation to Southern California

On Friday I packed my suitcase.  I packed my card shuffler, a dress, shirts, pants and my bunny slippers.  I also packed my baby doll and teddy bear.  Daddy packed snacks.  I packed my movies.

On Saturday we drove to Los Angeles.  It took all day long.  I set in the back of the van in my car seat.  I had a cup holder for my soda.  I ate snacks and watched movies.  We went swimming when we got to the hotel.

On Sunday I ate pancakes,eggs and hot chocolate for breakfast.  We went to President Nixon's Library.  I saw statues of world leaders.  I saw the house that he was born in.  I saw his helicopter.  I ate some lemon ice cream.  I swam in the hotel pool again.  It was fun.  I had a hot dog for supper.

On Monday I went to Disneyland.  We got up early and were there when it opened.  I saw three princesses.  First I saw Snow White.  She wore red lipstick.  Then I saw Cinderella.  She wore a pretty light blue dress.  Then I saw Ariel.  She told me that she liked to eat "kelp cakes."  I laughed.  I rode Splash Mountain.  I got real wet!  I didn't like it.  My Brother, Daddy and I rode on Alice in Wonderland tea cups.  They went so fast that I got dizzy.   That night I saw Mickey Mouse conduct the fireworks.  They were awesome!

I can't wait to go on vacation again!

Student Blogger: Jonas

Hi, this is me Jonas again. This is my 2nd blog post.

We went to Disneyland and California Adventure for spring break. It was really fun there. I have some pictures for you. We went on the Cars ride and did an Easter egg hunt and we went on Star Tours. We went on a roller coaster and it was humongous! My mom screamed. I called it the California Mommy Screamer!




Student Blogger: Elliott

Elliott took a trip to Utah in 2012 and visited some awesome National Parks and wanted to share with us since we are learning about the desert!

Student Blogger: Emily M.

I love my Mommy!

My mommy tucks me into bed at night and she reads me stories.  She is a good cook.  She helps me make and paint projects.

I have the best mommy ever!  I am glad she is my mommy!

Emily M.