Sunday, September 28, 2014

Owls Here, Owls There!

What an exciting week in first grade! I can't believe it's almost October already! In addition to gaining knowledge, these first graders are becoming more responsible, more independent, and every day I am in awe of their kindness! Some of my favorite moments as a teacher are when I see my kids helping each other, which may be the reason why you'll often find so many photos on our class blog of kids working together. :)

We did our very first team task and we did awesome! We worked with our teams to make posters of either the tawny owl or the hedgehog.
During Reader's Workshop, we get to choose a spot anywhere in the room to read on our Read to Self day.
We learned about the tawny owl of Europe, and made some awesome tawny owl art!
Check out our "Owls Here, Owls There" chant!
We watched videos of some of our favorite books for Read with Technology. (I promise I included this picture for more than Rohin's Tim Lincecum shirt!)
On Friday afternoon, we used chromebooks to practice logging into our google accounts and we played games on with a partner. Next time we will get to send our first email!

Thanks for reading! This post definitely does not cover everything we accomplished in our classroom this week... 

First graders, do you remember anything else that happened in first grade this week? Families, I'm sure your kids came home with some stories. :) Leave a comment below and tell us what you liked about this week in first grade!

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