Monday, September 29, 2014

Some Things Are Scary

Last week, we read the book Some Things Are Scary by Florence Parry Heide, which gave us a bunch of ideas for scary things to write about, like grabbing someone's hand and realizing that it doesn't belong to your mom or dad or stepping on something squishy with your bare feet! Today, during Writer's Workshop we wrote our own stories in our notebooks about a time when we felt scared! I picked a few to publish on our class blog. :)

One time my mom asked my brother to feed my dog. He was not there! So we had to drive around the neighborhood and some boys had my dog. And the little boy said “Yay, we got a new dog!” We asked for him back nicely and they said yes. The END.
By Milo

One day I went on a walk with my dog. And Pasha stopped. I looked and I saw a snake! I ran as fast as I could.

Once I was walking my grandma’s dog, Amigo. Then Amigo stopped at a field. I wondered what was in the field. It was a RABBIT BONE! I was so scared that I told him to drop the bone and he did, so we never saw that rabbit bone again.
By Emma

One time I got stuck up in a tree. And then I tried to get down. It was too scary. Then my dad helped me get down from the tree!
By Rohin

Thank you for reading! Leave a comment for our first grade authors! What did you think of their stories? Can you tell us about a time when you felt scared?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Owls Here, Owls There!

What an exciting week in first grade! I can't believe it's almost October already! In addition to gaining knowledge, these first graders are becoming more responsible, more independent, and every day I am in awe of their kindness! Some of my favorite moments as a teacher are when I see my kids helping each other, which may be the reason why you'll often find so many photos on our class blog of kids working together. :)

We did our very first team task and we did awesome! We worked with our teams to make posters of either the tawny owl or the hedgehog.
During Reader's Workshop, we get to choose a spot anywhere in the room to read on our Read to Self day.
We learned about the tawny owl of Europe, and made some awesome tawny owl art!
Check out our "Owls Here, Owls There" chant!
We watched videos of some of our favorite books for Read with Technology. (I promise I included this picture for more than Rohin's Tim Lincecum shirt!)
On Friday afternoon, we used chromebooks to practice logging into our google accounts and we played games on with a partner. Next time we will get to send our first email!

Thanks for reading! This post definitely does not cover everything we accomplished in our classroom this week... 

First graders, do you remember anything else that happened in first grade this week? Families, I'm sure your kids came home with some stories. :) Leave a comment below and tell us what you liked about this week in first grade!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another Busy Week!

My first graders are awesome bloggers! Together, we wrote over 200 words telling you about our week! (Yes... we counted!)

We ate lunch. –Noah K.

We learned about the hedgehog. –Amaru

We did hedgehog art. –Milo

We wrote about hedgehogs. –Emma

We made a movie about hedgehogs. –Jalen

We did zumba. -Parker

We went to lunch and recess. -Jacob

We made a new world map. -Ariana

We read a new book, Lacey Walker, Nonstop Talker. –Ainsley

We read Over and Under the snow. –AJ

I was in a YouTube movie. -Isaiah

We learned new chants. -Jacquelyn

We learned about responsibility. -Katherine

My dad was the mystery reader. -Sarah

We learned about carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores. -Rohin

Mrs. Hines came and did Kind Kids Club with us and we made a card for someone at the school. -Eliana

We did Reader’s Workshop. -Olivia

I gave Miss Kloczko two new books and she got super excited and gave me a hug. -Cedric

We got team points for being responsible. -Milana

We had picture day. -Analisa

We read a lot of books. -Leila

We had Fun Friday and we made hedgehogs with paper, paint, glue, googly eyeballs, and a toothpick.-Thomas

We have new teams and I am on the Fallow Deer. -Courtney

We learned about True or False during math. -Noah T.
Check out our True or False Digital Challenge here!

We learned that hedgehogs have spines. -Wesley

We practiced responsibility by solving our own problems. And something I really loved? We showed kindness to each other and our families. Check out Digital Challenge #3 and read about all of our Random Acts of Kindness. –Miss Kloczko

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

This Week in First Grade

Here's what our first graders had to say about our week!

We read with our reading buddies. -Rohin

We ate lunch. -Jacob

We saw some Digital Challenge Math videos. -Sarah
(You can watch them on YouTube here!)

We learned about the bald eagle. -Thomas

We learned about the pallid bat. -Ariana

I read with Owen, my friend. -Cedric

We learned about the Kind Kids Club. -Katherine

We went to snack and recess. -Jalen

We made songs about black bears. -Amaru

We read lots of new books, like The Quiet Book. -Analisa

We went to recess. -Wesley

We made seahorses with Milo's mom for Fun Friday. -Leila

We got to watch book trailers on the iPads for Read with Technology. -Milana

We did art with my mom and she was the Mystery Reader. -Milo

We made a poster for Mr. Carlos and Mr. Nolan, my dad. -Courtney

We made videos of our chants with our teams. -Jacquelyn

We read The Monster Who Lost His Mean. -AJ

We read Alaska's 12 Days of Summer and it was a song. -Ainsley

We wrote in our Writer's Notebooks. -Eliana
Thank you to Amaru's mom for the photo!

We read to Jaquelyn's mom during Read to Someone during Reader's Workshop. -Emma

We did a pallid bat chant. -Noah K.

We did the Pledge of Allegiance. -Noah T.

We did Fit Friday. -Hailey

We did Morning Work. -Isaiah

We learned new things about the coniferous forest and earned awards. -Olivia

We shopped the library. -Parker

We got to see some awesome writing shared by a few of our first grade authors...

And we used chromebooks to log into our very own google accounts with Mr. Wood! -Miss Kloczko
Thanks, Mr. Wood, for the photo!

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