Monday, March 23, 2015

The Sacramento Kings (Student Blogger: Parker)

I really like the Sacramento Kings.  I also like the San Jose Sharks.  I like the Kings more because they are from Sacramento.  We are going to a Kings game on April 5th and I am really excited.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Me and My Violin (Student Blogger: Katherine)

Hi!  Have I seen you here before?  I think you are familiar.  Oh yeah, I know you are my friends in first grade, second grade, and third grade which I do not kno, but I can still be your friend.  I'm so, so, so glad to see you.  Listen up!  I need to tell you something.  I am going to talk about me and my violin.  When I was three years old, I loved classical music. My favorite composers were Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Bach.  My first violin came from Dolina, my cousin in Canada.  It makes beautiful sounds especially when the song is in a minor key. That makes it sound like a sad song, but the good thing is I like to play for people and practice a lot and it makes me happy.  My violin is made out of wood.  It is carved and the bow is too, but there is horse hair on it.  I hope you like listening to my latest song!  The End!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lots to Share!

Every first grader did an amazing job on this project! In their writer's notebooks, they each wrote an informative piece about the African elephant. Then, they each typed their writing into a google doc using their own google accounts. They know how to share their documents with me, so I was able to print them out. VoilĂ ! Published writing! I'm so proud! 

Did you learn anything new about the African elephant? Let us know by leaving a comment!

On Wednesday, as part of World Read Aloud Day, we read a super silly book, Dragons Love Tacos. Then, as a class, we wrote our own book, Chameleons Love Pizza. Everyone contributed to the story, and all of the illustrations were done by first graders in our class. Check it out!

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Video Games are Awesome!!! (Student Blogger: Parker)

I love video games. They are really cool!!! My favorite games to play are Plants vs Zombies, Minecraft, and Clash of Clans. I get to play video games when my homework is done. Sometimes I wake up early on late start Wednesdays and play video games in the morning before school.  Do you like video games?

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Monster Manners

In this story, Monster teaches us about all of the times he can say "excuse me." Today we read this story, and then the kids got to choose to either make a list of times to say "excuse me," or times to say "please" in their writer's notebooks.

Here's what they came up with!

I say "please" when I ask for a cookie. -Emma

I say "excuse me" when I burp! -Parker

I say "please" when I ask for a new pet. -Wesley

I say "excuse me" when I am stuck because there are people in the way. -Milana

When do you like to hear your first grader say "please" or "excuse me," parents? Leave a comment below!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lions and Lots of Questions

Today we finally learned about the lion! (Mrs. Kahler's class got to learn about the lion last week, so we have been getting very antsy...)

After we learned about the lion, we had a lot to say... specifically a lot of questions to ask!

Some first graders had more lion facts to share...

  • Females hunt instead of males. -Amaru
  • A lion can run almost as fast as a cheetah. Cheetahs run 75 miles per hour. -Parker

We were able to answer some questions on our own...

  • Do lions lay eggs or do they have babies born alive? -Michael
    • They are mammals, so they have babies born alive. (Michael answered his own question!)
  • Why is the lion such a fierce predator? -Miss Kloczko
    • The soft pads on the bottom of their feet help them to be sneaky. -Thomas

We thought we'd ask the world for the answers to the rest!

  • If the lion is the second largest feline species in the world, what is the largest? -Noah T.
  • Why do males need manes? -Hailey
  • Can they live longer than 10-14 years if they live at the zoo? -Jalen
  • How can they eat a giraffe if it's so tall? -Analisa
  • Do they eat cape flat lizards? -Parker
  • How can they eat elephants? -Hailey
  • Do lions eat chameleons? -Rohin
Can you answer any of our questions? Leave a comment below!

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Getting a flat tire Sunday night was not a fun experience, but it did inspire some pretty awesome first grade writing! I started writing my story on Monday morning in front of the first graders, but I only told them the first word—"bump!" Then they made predictions about what happened next in my story:

  • something fell on the roof
  • a car bumped another car
  • a dog bumped its head
  • a dog bumped something and it fell and broke
  • a creeper (in Minecraft) bumped the wall
  • a Pokemon bumped the ground when it fell from the sky

I continued writing my flat tire story in front of the kids, and then they went back to their seats to write their own "bump" stories... 

Bump! First I threw the bowling ball. It hit the ground and it rolled. It did not stop until it hit the pins. It knocked down 10 bowling pins.

Bump! Something hit my head. I looked and there was snow on my head because my dad hit my head with a snowball! So we had a great snowball fight... (PS I won the snowball fight!)

Bump! My car hit another car! Boom! It exploded. I called 911. They saved the day!

The Reptile Show (Student Blogger: Wesley)

One day I went to the reptile show. There was a lot of reptiles. The snakes were hissing and the lizards were climbing. I like the reptile show.
The cape flat lizard, a reptile from Africa

My Little Pony (Student Blogger: Sarah)

Hi, I am Sarah. I am going to talk about My Little Pony. Twilight loves to read. Fluttershy is really shy. Pinky Pie is really crazy because she loves cupcakes! You haven't seen Rainbow Dash and Applejack get along because they really don't. I love My Little Pony. I even have them! I like Rarity because she is fancy just like me!