Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Week of Hedgehogs

Check out what our first graders had to say about our week! (Thanks to Jade for coming up with our title this week!)

We did Star in Motion. -Cedrus

We made hedgehogs. -Liam

We have a new friend in our class. -Parker

We read a nonfiction book called Hedgehogs. It had subtitles. -Jade

We learned about the hedgehog. It's an omnivore. -Aaqil

We learned that the hedgehog can roll up into a tiny ball to protect itself from enemies. -Cooper

Hedgehogs eat almost anything including snakes and melons. -Mati

We put smart cards on our hedgehog chart. -Lea

We took a test on the world map. -Jules

Mr. M came today and he helped us with our art. -Fabiana

We read The Kindness Quilt and made a list of kind things. -Allyson

We watched a movie about hedgehogs with the Kratt brothers. -Jared

We have a new signal word. It is subtitle. It means a title of a small part.  -Ryan

Miss Kloczko drew a hedgehog. -Isandro

We learned hedgehogs have poor eyesight at nighttime. When Miss Kloczko was younger she sometimes watched Zoboomafoo and we watched that today. It has the same guys as Wild Kratts. -Tanaya

We practiced subtraction. -Carol

Lorenzo, Lea, and I colored the hedgehog. -Indigo

My mom came to Fun Friday to help us with art. We played Heads Up, Seven Up and I was really sneaky. -Nya

We read Please Open This Book. -Lorenzo

We did informative writing about hedgehogs for Writer's Workshop. -Anshika

Hedgehogs have 5,000 spines. -Kyara

Deciduous means trees that lose their leaves. Deciduous trees are in the woodland. -Juan Carlos

Owls and foxes and badgers all eat hedgehogs. -Jaykob

We learned that hedgehogs eat snails and snakes. -Damion

We read How to Read a Story. -Alex

Miss Kloczko had to close the library and we only had 3 days of school this week! -Anahi

Allyson's mom was the mystery reader. -Kendall

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  1. Dear Miss. klozcko's class,
    That was such a cute blog that you did. I love how you did all of the kids names of what they thought they should do on your class's blog. I have a question what kind of things have you been doing in the classroom for posters?

  2. Dear student,
    I Like your picture of a hedchog it is so cute. wat is your name? I love your kindnes is poster.