Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Student Blogger: Isandro

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I am lost in New Jersey. I see snow everywhere. I have supplies. They are good for snow. I have a shovel for the snow, for digging a hole to Alaska. But it is snowing in Alaska. I am going in a hotel. I will eat pancakes. And then I will go to my room.

The End

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Week of Hedgehogs

Check out what our first graders had to say about our week! (Thanks to Jade for coming up with our title this week!)

We did Star in Motion. -Cedrus

We made hedgehogs. -Liam

We have a new friend in our class. -Parker

We read a nonfiction book called Hedgehogs. It had subtitles. -Jade

We learned about the hedgehog. It's an omnivore. -Aaqil

We learned that the hedgehog can roll up into a tiny ball to protect itself from enemies. -Cooper

Hedgehogs eat almost anything including snakes and melons. -Mati

We put smart cards on our hedgehog chart. -Lea

We took a test on the world map. -Jules

Mr. M came today and he helped us with our art. -Fabiana

We read The Kindness Quilt and made a list of kind things. -Allyson

We watched a movie about hedgehogs with the Kratt brothers. -Jared

We have a new signal word. It is subtitle. It means a title of a small part.  -Ryan

Miss Kloczko drew a hedgehog. -Isandro

We learned hedgehogs have poor eyesight at nighttime. When Miss Kloczko was younger she sometimes watched Zoboomafoo and we watched that today. It has the same guys as Wild Kratts. -Tanaya

We practiced subtraction. -Carol

Lorenzo, Lea, and I colored the hedgehog. -Indigo

My mom came to Fun Friday to help us with art. We played Heads Up, Seven Up and I was really sneaky. -Nya

We read Please Open This Book. -Lorenzo

We did informative writing about hedgehogs for Writer's Workshop. -Anshika

Hedgehogs have 5,000 spines. -Kyara

Deciduous means trees that lose their leaves. Deciduous trees are in the woodland. -Juan Carlos

Owls and foxes and badgers all eat hedgehogs. -Jaykob

We learned that hedgehogs eat snails and snakes. -Damion

We read How to Read a Story. -Alex

Miss Kloczko had to close the library and we only had 3 days of school this week! -Anahi

Allyson's mom was the mystery reader. -Kendall

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Tawny Owls and More!

Check out the padlet and photos below below to see what we were up to this week!

This week we learned about the tawny owl.
New signal words!
Working on team tasks...
All finished!
Our Kindness teacher (and Isandro's mom), Ms. Hines, was our mystery reader!
Awesome tawny owl tear art!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Student Blogger: Anshika

Story of Cancun
File:Cancun Beach.jpg 
On Wednesday, December 23rd, I went to Cancun with my family. I enjoyed flying in the airplane. We put  our suitcases in the compartment. I played UNO with my brother. I drank some orange juice and ate Ritz. I saw the earth while sitting in the airplane. We had a connecting flight from Denver and then we finally arrived in Cancun. We went to the hotel and rested for an hour and then went out for dinner. We ate Mexican food. It was delicious. We booked a combo tour for Xcaret and Xel Ha. The next day we went to Xcaret. I put on a life jacket and flippers and swam in the river with my family. We watched dolphins swimming in the river. I had fun sitting in the hammock and then we went for lunch and we ate a delicious buffet. We went to the beach and had lots of fun. I watched an acrobatic show and ate popcorn. We went back to our hotel. The second day I went to Xel Ha, another tourist place, and I did cliff jumping from 30 feet. I also did a zipline and fell in the water. It was so much fun. The third day day I went to Chichenitza and learned something new about Mayans. They built a pyramid. I took a picture with my family. There was a lizard keeping guard for the Mayans because the Mayans don't exist anymore. I took pictures of the lizard. It was cool. I bought a Chichenitza bag. Then we went back to our hotel. The next day in the morning I went to the kids club. I had fun playing ping pong. We flew back home in the afternoon and I was happy to be back to my sweet home.

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Friday, January 8, 2016

It's 2016!

Hello! Welcome back to school! I can't believe it's halfway through the school year already!

We had a busy week! New seats, a new social skill, the start of a new science unit, a new chapter in math... We even set our own New Year's resolutions! No more coffee for me! (These kids are already keeping me accountable! "Is that coffee or tea, Miss Kloczko?")

The kids came up with most of the captions for the photos below—we thought our blog post would be a perfect place to practice using captions, one of the nonfiction text features we are studying!

We are studying Europe, so we have pictures of Europe in the classroom. -Kendall
Quite a lot of background knowledge, but SO many great questions.
This tells us how we can show compassion. Our class came up with all of the things on it. -Lorenzo 
These are team points for compassion. -Parker
The fallow deer, the only deer with flat antlers! I wonder what those are for? (And thanks, Kendall, for helping me color him!) -Miss Kloczko
This is "Owls Here, Owls There." -Allyson
This is the "Lady Liberty Bugaloo." France gave it to America. -Indigo
This chant is about teeth! -Aaqil
We wrote lists of herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. -Carol
We used nonfiction books to help us find out what kind of teeth animals have. -Fabiana
This book had lots of animals! -Anahi
We made this chart together to sing a fallow deer song. -Aaqil
Check out a few awesome cinquain poems!
P is for Pilgrim in our America book. -Alex
Miss Susan from BASE was our mystery reader. -Carol
This week's signal words! Ask your first grader to explain one to you!

Check out our padlet below to see what the kids had to say about our week!