Saturday, February 8, 2014

Student Blogger: Emily M


I like the playground at recess.  It is pretty like a park.  There are shade things.

I like to slide on the big yellow slide.  I like the little slide too.

I like the wood playhouse.  It has a steering wheel in it.

The blue monkey bars are for challenges.  The yellow monkey bars are for practice.  I have not been on the monkey bars.  They are too high for me.

The last time I played dodge ball, the ball hit me in the eye.

The playground is awesome!

-Emily M.


  1. Emily.m I like the play ground to. I like the monkey bars and the big yellow slide and basket ball.I loved your blog post would you like it if I helped you do the monkey bars.Your friend Chase.

  2. I like your blog post and the playground is my favourite too-Aniruddh

  3. Thanks Chase. I would like some help some time on the monkey bars.

  4. Dear Emily M,
    I like your blog post!