Saturday, February 8, 2014

Student Blogger: Chase

Chase and Maya drawing their blue whale's baleen during a team task
Measurement by Chase

Temperature is a measurement of hot and cold. In the Summer the temperature is higher, but in the Winter the temperature is lower. A thermometer is the tool used to measure temperature.
Weight is a measurement of how heavy something is.  A child weighs less than an adult. A scale is the tool used to measure weight.
Inches are another type of a measurement. They describe the length of something. For example, I am 54 inches tall. My dad is 76 inches tall. A ruler is the tool used to measure inches.


  1. Wow, Chase! You are a measuring expert! I especially like the pictures that you included. Do you know what volume is? It's another type of measurement.
    Miss Kloczko

  2. I liked your blog on measurements and pictures that go with it-Aniruddh

  3. Hi Chase,
    I like your blog because it is tells me a lot about measurement. Great research!

    Your Friend,

  4. Thanks Aniruddh love Chase.

  5. Miss Klocko I do not know much about volume may you please teach me some more about it.

  6. Chase
    I like how you used temperature.
    What is your favorite type of weather?
    LOVE ,

  7. Hey Chase,
    I liked your post.
    I am four feet tall. My Dad measured me with a tape measure.
    Your friend,
    Emily M. #12

  8. I like how you used a lot of things that are measurement . It is very intresting to
    learn about measurements . Great job! From dzoveeg.