Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Student Blogger: Aekas

Aekas and his friend Elliott drew a full-length blue whale in the parking lot. They even labeled its dorsal fin!
Hi, my name is Aekas and I am learning about orca whales, leopard seals, and blue whales.
A fact about the blue whale is that they are 82 feet long and weigh from 200,000 to 300,000 pounds. They have baleen. Baleen is a thick, little broom in their mouth that sucks up krill and plankton. Sometime blue whales have white spots and sometimes they don’t. They live in all oceans on the earth. Here is a picture of a blue whale.
 A fact about orca whales is that they have a white patch on the top of their eye. They live in the Arctic and Antarctic. Here is a fossil of the orca whale skull.
  A fact about the leopard seal is that they are found in the Antarctic. They are predators and eat penguins, krill, and plankton.  It can live 26 years or more. If they are not hungry then they play with penguins. Here is a picture of a leopard seal.

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  1. Ahhhw! That babby leaperd seal is so cute! have you ever seen one in person?

  2. Aekes I loved your blog post Keep learning a bunch your friend Chase.

  3. Dear Aekas,
    Your blog post has so much information, but it is very organized! I like how you compared baleen to a broom. That's just what it looks like! Have you been teaching your family everything you have learned about these animals? I bet they would be impressed!
    Miss Kloczko

  4. Like your blog!! It's really cool Miss Kloczko's class!!

  5. I like blue whales and orca whales. I like how you wrote the blog with lot of details and also the pictures - Aniruddh