Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Student Blogger: Trésor

We surprised my sister on trip to Reno. It took a long time, but we ate lunch and watched a movie to keep busy. We stayed in a big hotel. We ran to the elevator to get to our room.  The beds were really soft. Me and my brothers love to jump on the beds. We went to a special restaurant that had a lot of different food like shrimp, pizza, noodles, fruit, chicken and ice cream. My mom and dad surprised my sister with flowers, balloons and gifts while she was eating. While we were singing to her, I accidentally spilled water on myself and I felt a little embarrassed.  When we left the restaurant we changed and went bowling and got to stay up really late. I had a lot of fun. When were leaving the hotel, we saw an AquaRange. This is where people can hit golf balls into buckets in the water. Maybe we can do that next time.



  1. I love going on vacation I go on vacation a-lot but I've never been to Reno!

  2. I also like going to Reno and staying in huge hotels. I like the picture of your family. The hotel that I like has a big indooor pool. What is the name of the hotel that you stayed at?

    Love, Leonardo

  3. where are you going next?

    Love Aekas