Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Student Blogger: Trèsor

My NAM Experience - Part 1
Last year, my mom took me and my sister to a meeting about a pageant. We didn’t know that it was actually an audition to be a State Finalist for the National American Miss Organization.  We call it NAM for short.  It’s like the Miss America pageant for younger girls.  In this program, girls learn how to conduct themselves in a job interview, how to speak with confidence and gain a special poise that will help them in whatever they do in life. We had to do a photo shoot, an interview and a runway without any time to practice. My mom was nervous, but I wasn't. I had fun taking pictures and doing the interview. We had to wait for a letter to be sent in the mail to find out if we were chosen as State Finalists. Stay tuned for my next blog to find out what happened.


This is a picture from my photo shoot last year.

Student Blogger: Trèsor

My First Day of Golfing

On Saturday, I went golfing with my mom and my brothers. It was a class that teach people how to golf. It was my first day going to the class. My teacher is Mr. Daniel's. We exercised before we started the class. Some of the exercises were fun and some were hard.  The one that was fun was hula-hooping and running in the squares. The harder one was arm exercises. It hurt my arms.  My teacher said golfers need strong arms. Then we learned the positions and the word we are supposed to yell if we throw our clubs or hit a ball near someone.  The word is "fore". We learned how to chip.  To make it fun, Mr. Daniel's said if we hit the flag, we'd get a dollar. My big brother got $3 and baby brother got $1 for trying his best. I almost hit the flag but someone else's ball hit mine out the way. It was fun golfing with the teacher.


Student Blogger: Peyton

On Saturday me and my mom went skiing at Sugar Bowl ski resort in Lake Tahoe.  I always have a soccer game on Saturdays but I had a bye this past week.  First, we got dressed so we would not be cold at the mountain.  Then, we drove to the mountain and got on the gondola. Once we arrived at the ski lodge we put our skis on and made our way to the ski lift to head to the top of the mountain.  When we arrived at the top of the mountain we glided down the slope. I worked so hard that I finally I was able to rent poles.  I did a good job with my poles only falling one time! When it was closing time we jumped back on the gondola and went back to our  car and left for home.  It was an AWESOME trip!!



Student Blogger: Colin

I am writing about koi fish. They can live for 200 years. My friend Josh has koi fish at his grandma’s house and his own house. They are the big ones! I like koi fish because they are beautiful. Koi fish are slippery and fast. They can be cream, white, red, orange, black, pink, blue, and yellow. Tell me do you like koi fish?

Student Blogger: Emily M.

My brother's name is Mack.  Mack is fourteen years old.  He is in the eighth grade at Leroy Greene Academy.  His favorite class is math.

Mack is a Boy Scout.  He is working on his Eagle badge.

Sometimes we make smoothies after school.  Sometimes we ride our scooters to the park.  Sometimes he plays his guitar for me.

To wrap it all up,  I love Mack.

Thank You,
Emily M

Student Blogger: Jonas

My name is Jonas. My dog's name is Scout. He is the best pet ever! He will lay with you a lot and likes to sleep in my room a lot. He is really old. He is 14 years old. I love my Scouter-dog. I like my cat too. She is soft. Her name is Calpurnia but we just call her kitty. She likes to cuddle with us. She's whilte and the best cat ever!

I also like Minecraft. I have the pocket edition that costs 7 bucks. It is my favorite game in the whole entire universe because you can build with all kinds of blocks. I love Minecraft.

On Friday we're going to Disneyland. Later I will post pictures of how much fun I had in Disneyland.

Later this summer I hope my grandma and grandpa will take me to Lego Land.
It will be the best!



Thursday, April 3, 2014

Student Blogger: Angela

Hi, I am Angela.
I want to talk about my favorite character. My favorite character is named Underdog. He has speed of lightning and roar of thunder. When I saw the movie, Underdog saw three dogs. The dogs teased him, but he did not care about them, so Underdog blew away one of the dogs fur. It was so funny. The dog’s skin was pink. You better watch the movie. Have you seen the movie in stores? If you have already seen it, it is ok. I really like Underdog. Watch this video. You will have fun.