Thursday, January 23, 2014

Student Blogger: Elliott

First grader in Miss Kloczko's class, Elliott, tells us all about whales!

Whales have baleen plates and they eat krill and plankton. They eat them by breathing in water through their mouths. Blue whales are cetaceans, which means mammals that live in the ocean. They are the largest mammal in the world. The Orca whale is a toothed whale that usually eats seals or sometimes penguins. Orca whales are black and white. The Orca whale spyhops, which means when a whale pokes its head out of the water to see what is going on. Whales are not oviparous like penguins, which lay eggs.  Whales have babies born alive.  Blue whales weigh 200 tons!! I like whales because they are so big. 

Did you like Elliott's post? Do you have any questions for him? Leave a comment below!


  1. Hi Elliott!
    You are so smart! I love how much you have learned about Antarctica already! One time we drew a blue whale with chalk in the parking lot. They are as big as a school bus! I hope you keep blogging!
    Mrs. Kloczko

  2. Hi Elliott!

    Thank you for writing about whales, I really enjoyed reading about them! Have you ever seen one?

  3. Wow, Elliott!
    You know quite a bit about whales. I really like how you used the words "cetacean" AND "oviparous" in your blog post. How do you remember all of these big words?
    Keep it up, smartypants!
    Mrs. Luhrsen

  4. Elliot, my dude! I love whales! my favorite is the Orca because they hunt and live in pods. I have seen one at the Oregon zoo before. His name was Kieko and was in the movie Free Willy! what is your favorite whale?

    1. My favorite whale is the Blue whale.


  5. Hi Elliott,
    You are a whale expert! I'm sure everyone who reads your blog post will learn something new. I love how you explained the words "cetacean" and "spyhopping" for readers who might not know those words like you do!
    Miss Kloczko

  6. Elliott,
    Wow! I am impressed by how much you have learned about whales. It sounds like they are amazing creatures. Did you know that there is a teacher in the PFAA program who will be going to Antarctica next year? She will be stationed there as a scientist for a few weeks in September and sharing what she learns with students at Natomas Charter.

    Mr. Wood

  7. That is great information Elliott! I didn't realize that they weighed nearly 200 tons. I thought that was a joke until I checked it out!

  8. Hi Elliott I am Angela,
    I didn't know that orca whales eats penguins.

  9. Hi Elliot,
    I am Emily M. I like blue whales too because blue is one of my favorite colors.

  10. Hi Elliott, I loved learning what the word "spyhopping" means in regards to whales. I think that is a perfect term for what the whale is doing when they take a look above the water. Cool.

  11. Hi Elliott,
    I read your blog on Whales.I liked how you used signal words in your blog

  12. Elliot,
    I like whales too.