Friday, January 24, 2014

Student Blogger: Emily M.

Today's student blogger is Emily!
I have learned a lot about whales this week at school.

I learned that whales have blow holes to breathe.

Baleen whales eat plankton and krill.

Whales live in the ocean.

Whales are mammals.

Baby whales weigh one ton.

Whales make a mmmaoow sound.

When the whales pop up to see what is going on, it is called spyhopping.

A bunch of whales is called a pod.

Orca whales have sharp teeth.

Whales have flukes.

Emily M.

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  1. Dear Emily,
    Great post! I want you to say the whale sound the next time I see you! I love how you spelled it! You are learning so much! You are a smart whale expert!
    Mrs. Kloczko

  2. I love that word - spyhopping. I have never heard it or seen it before. Thanks for sharing what you learned!

  3. Emily,
    You sure know a lot about whales. Thank you for sharing this news. I am a grandpa of a 1st grade girl. Her name is Scarlett. I will certainly tell her everything you taught me about whales. Keep up the good work.
    Grandpa Mike

  4. Wow, Emily! I am impressed. You have learned so much about whales. Did you know blue whales can hold their breath under water for one to two hours? Amazing! Keep up the great work.
    Mrs. Luhrsen

  5. Emily, did you know people go swimming with whales all the time? it sounds dangerous and fun at the same time! would you swim with whales?

    - Russell (Ms. K's favorite Oregonian)

  6. I live in Seattle and we have Orca whales swimming around all the time. Such amazing animals.

  7. Hi Emily,
    You know so much about whales! I love how you used scientific words, like "spyhopping" and "mammal" in your writing. I did some research, and I learned that some cars weigh about one ton. Isn't it amazing that a car and a baby whale are about the same weight?
    Miss Kloczko

  8. Emily,
    This is so cute!!! I saw whales already when I went whale watching. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!:-)

    Hope to see you soon.

    Your cousin,

  9. Emily,

    You did a great job! You should be so proud of yourself.

    Whales are one of my favorite animals. If you come San Diego, there are many places that we could go to either see whales or learn more about them.

    I am glad to see that you are doing so well in school!


  10. Hi Emily;

    I am learning a lot by reading your blog about whales, thank you for writing it. I live in Salem, Oregon, but when I was a kid I lived in Rhode Island. That's on the East Coast near the ocean, so there are whales there too. One time a type of whale called a "Pilot Whale" swam all the way from the ocean to the city of Providence! That was a trip of about 40 miles!

    Keep up the great work!

  11. Emily,
    Fascinating! I am impressed by how much you and your classmates are learning about whales. Can you tell me more about a fluke? I am not familiar with that word? What does it mean and how does it relate to sea mammals like whales?

    Mr. Wood

    1. Mr Wood,
      Thank you for the reply. A fluke is one of the parts of whales tail.

  12. Emily,
    You have learned so much about whales. A few year ago, I taught my class about whales but there is something you that I don't remember and maybe you can tell me. Do whales prefer the warmer or colder ocean water? I hope you can tell me.

    Mrs. Torres

  13. Mrs. Torres,
    I think that some whales like cold water and some like warm water.

    Emily M

  14. Emily,
    I read your blog and would like to add- there are 2 blow holes in blue whales