Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Student Blogger: Peyton- Music

Here is a little about me that I wanted to share.  I really like country music.  My favorite singers are Luke Bryan, Jake Owen, Jason Aldean, and Zac Brown Band.  I like country because I like the beat, voices, and words.  My favorite time to listen to country is in the car and at home.  I like to wear my pink cowgirl hat.  At Halloween I dressed up as a cowgirl.  Someday I would love to have a horse of my own to ride and take care of.  

"...the southern wind sings again, another lullaby"  Zac Brown Band


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  1. Peyton,
    Its great to know that you like country music. I have heard music in car too. but I do not know if its country music- Aniruddh

  2. Hi Payton it sounds interesting.

  3. Peyton,
    I like country music too!

    Love, Elliott

  4. Dear Peyton,
    I love country music just like you! I think your blog post could persuade someone to listen to country music, because you included some reasons why you like it! I like how sometimes the words can tell a story! Do you know who Dierks Bentley is? He is my favorite singer. I bet you would like him, too!
    Miss Kloczko

  5. Hi Peyton, I also enjoy listening to country music! One of these days maybe we can go to a concert together and listen in person! I'm going to have to buy you some pink cowboy boots to go with your cowboy hat! When you come to visit maybe we can go horseback riding up here. Love you , Auntie Nellie

  6. Hey peyt, loved your comments especially your article on the whales! I forgot how much you like country music and I bet your quite a sight dancing to the beat with your PINK cowboy hat on! But don't forgert about the country chickens . Love oma & opa!!

  7. Hi Peyton,
    You seem to have great taste in music! I like to listen to country music in my car too! Did you know Miss Kloczko and I went to a Luke Bryan concert last summer? This summer we want to go to a Jake Owen concert. One of my favorite songs by Luke Bryan is "Country Man." Have you ever heard it? If not, you should listen to it! I bet Miss Kloczko has it on her iPod and would let you listen.

    "...heyyy I'm a country man, a city boy can't do the things I can"


    Kiley Herrick

  8. Hi Peyton,
    Thank you for blogging. It was awesome to learn about the things you love!
    Dr. Sun

  9. I hope we can take you to country music concert some day! How fun would it be to see Zac Brown Band Live!!?? Your daddy would love it too! Thanks for sharing!

    Love, Mommy

    1. Hi Peyton,
      I like music too! My favorite song is "Girls Just Want to Have Fun". When it plays on the radio, I tell my mom to turn it up louder!

      Emily M.

  10. Hi Peyton,

    That's so cool that you like country music, I use to really hate country music but ever since I became friends with Miss Kloczko, I've started to like it more! I also like Jake Owen, my favorite song by him is "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" I also love that we have the same boots! Keep up the great work.

    Miss Galli

  11. Hi Peyton,
    I like all kinds of music! I went to see Brad Paisley last summer with your teacher. He is awesome on the guitar. Also, I have two pairs of cowboy boots! I love reading your blog posts!
    Mrs. Kloczko

  12. Hi Peyt! I didn't know you liked county music. When I come to see you next time, you can introduce me to your favorite country artists and I'll introduce you to my favorite oldies....and we can rock out in the car! Mamaw

  13. I love your comment Peyton. From Tresor

  14. Payton,
    what is country music?