Friday, January 31, 2014

Student Blogger: Kyler

Here are some of the "signal words" or scientific words I learned from Miss Kloczko's class.
  • Spyhopping - "when a whale pokes his head out of the water to see what's going on"
  • External - "anything on the outside"
  • Persuade - "to make someone agree with you"
  • Habitat - "food, water, shelter, and space"
  • Carnivore - "animals that have sharp, pointed teeth that only eat meat"
  • Woodland - "a place that has trees, shrubs, sunlight, and shade."
  • Nocturnal - "animals that hunt during the night and sleep during the day"
  • Diurnal - "animals that hunt during the morning and sleep at night"
I enjoy learning the quicker words so I don't have to describe it.
                                                          - Kyler

Watch this video of our class doing a signal word!

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  1. Hi Kyler!
    I think your signal words are so awesome! It is way easier to remember new vocabulary words when you have cool movements and chants to go with each word. Keep up the great work in 1st grade!
    -Ms. Steinlein

    1. Thank you! I hope to learn more signal words.

  2. Dear Kyler,
    We like your video because we learned a signal word we had not studied yet. Our class learned the word "ice floe" and that means a piece of ice floating in the ocean. Are those all of your signal words or do you have more?
    Mrs. Luhrsen's class

    1. Yes the other signal word is, Onomatopoeia, it means words that make a sound.

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  4. Dear Kyler,
    You sure remember a lot of our signal words! I am impressed! Do you practice them at home? My favorite signal word to do is "spyhopping." Do you have a favorite?
    Miss Kloczko

  5. Dear Kyler,
    That's cool. I definitely learned something. Never heard of the word Onomatopoeia and spyhopping. Can you PERSUADE your mom to come visit us in Chicago so you can teach me some signal words?
    Miss you guys.
    Tita Cielo

    1. Dear Tita,
      Thank you for liking my blog.
      I will persuade my mom to go to Chicago to see you.