Friday, March 7, 2014

Student Blogger: Maya

Calaveras Big Trees
Calaveras became a State Park in 1931 to preserve the North Grove of giant sequoias. We also hiked there with some sticks so we don't fall down.

We also got to go under a tree stump. It was so much fun!  I even got to bring a friend. There was a lot of rain there.

There was a tree on fire, it was so cool and it was about to fall. They grow up to 100 feet tall. They are also the biggest and oldest trees in the Earth and we have the privilege of having them here in California. It felt really cold so I wore my snow suit. After that I went to a cabin. In there they gave me some hot chocolate and then I sat by the fire to warm up. It was the best day ever! I hope I can do that one day again. There was lots of puddles. There were some big ones and some very big and some small. One tree was already cut down and it was a huge one. I like hiking with my family. I was so excited to see how many trees were there. There was little bit of snow there. I really like snow.

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  1. Maya,

    I went to Calaveras Big Trees State park too! And I hiked on the North Grove trail. We camped in the camp ground last summer. I loved it.