Saturday, March 29, 2014

Student Blogger: Tony

It is spring time, which means baseball season is here. This is my fifth season of playing baseball. I played for Wildcats, Giants, Blue Team, Tarheels, and this season I am playing for the Oregon Ducks! We played our first game this past Saturday, and we won! It was opening day for our team. It was a lot of fun! I saw two of my friends from school. They are Chase and Roberto. They play on a different team. I hope I play against them. I like to play shortstop and first base. I have a lot of friends on my team. One friend on my team goes to my school. It is Nic. He is in Mrs. Luhrsens class. I really love baseball. I enjoy watching it too. My favorite teams are the Giants and Yankees. Go Ducks! :)

Student Blogger: Emily M.

Last weekend I went on a vacation with my family.  We went to a big hotel on Friday night. I got my own room key.  I got to go swimming in the swimming pool day and night.  We ordered pizza to our hotel room for dinner.

On Saturday we went to Muir Woods.  We walked in the woods with the big, big trees.  After that we went to the ocean.  We hiked out over a bridge to a lighthouse.

On Sunday we went to Sausalito.  I got wet when a big wave splashed me when I was sitting by the water.  The water was stinky.  We all had ice cream.  I had strawberry.

Then we went home.  It was a super fun vacation.

Emily M.

Student Blogger: Trèsor

Me and Mommy's Trip to Applebee's!

Most of the family went to basketball practice with dad.  Me and my mommy stayed home to finish homework. My mom said we could do something special after we were done. After I did all that homework, we went to a special place called Applebee's. It was fun there with just me and mommy. Normally, our family goes together. My mom let me order my own food. I got a hamburger, fries, chips and salsa. My mom got different food. She ate chicken wontons, but saved most of it for my dad. Another surprise is that my mom ordered me a Shirley Temple drink. A Shirley Temple is like lemon-lime soda with cherry flavor. It was my first time tasting it and it was delicious. There were 5 cherries in my drink and I ate them all. We normally don't drink soda, so I only had a little of it.  I had fun eating with mommy!


Student Blogger: Oceana

My name is Oceana. My favorite color is pink because pink is absolutely awesome. Pink is cool and pretty and nice.

A cool thing about minecraft is minecraft is a popular game! It is a very very very very very fun game!

A few weeks ago we had a party! We got to eat fruits and vegetables!

It is fun learning in first grade! My favorite friend is Angela and she likes the same things as me. For example I like ballet and she likes ballet. At school we were writing about why Miss Kloczko did not see a panda!!! I wrote:
Dear Miss Kloczko, 
There is no way you could of saw a panda in the playground because PANDAS LIVE IN ASIA!!! NOT IN A PLAYGROUND!!! They have nothing to eat and it will EAT YOU!!!

Student Blogger: Oceana (Butterfly Post #2)

Today at my house the doorbell rang. My mom opened the door. There were caterpillars! They were in a box. When I looked at them they had a lot of spikes. If you look at the picture, you can see the brown stuff in the cup is their food. They will turn into Painted Lady butterflies. I thought the caterpillars were going to turn into Monarch butterflies, but instead they will turn into Painted Lady butterflies. They will look pretty much like a Monarch butterfly. It will take 7-10 days for the caterpillars to harden into chrysalides. Then in 7-10 more days they will turn into butterflies. After they turn into butterflies, I have to wait 2 hours for them to stretch their wings before I can touch them. I can't wait!


Student Blogger: Leonardo

 On Sunday I went to Six Flags with my parents and my baby brother Lexandro. We saw lots of animals like lions, tigers, giraffes, arctic wolf, sharks, cougar and a stingray almost splashed me on the face! I also saw a dolphin show. The dolphins jumped really high and they love to splash water. The best show was the elephant show. After the show I got to play tug war with the elephant. We had a long rope and we tried to pull the elephant but the elephant kept moving and lot of people slipped and fell down. I also got to feed the elephant. It was so fun!!  We got on roller coasters, and other rides.  I can't wait to go back to see the animals again.

I love spending the weekend having fun with my family!


Student Blogger: Emily M.

I like peacocks.

I have been learning about them in Miss Kloczko's class. Their feathers are cute! When the sun shines on them, they change color.

Girls are called peahens and babies are called peachicks.

I saw a peacock at the zoo.

We are making peacock art in Miss Kloczko's class.  We are using colored paper and glitter. It will be cute!

Emily M

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Student Blogger: Oceana

Hello! I am Oceana. I am making a blog post about butterflies. I got the butterfly garden kit from Santa for Christmas. Today my mom is going to order the caterpillars. We will get the caterpillars sent to us in the mail. They will arrive in 1 to 3 weeks. When they arrive in the mail, we will put them in the butterfly house that I am holding in the picture. It will be exciting and cool to grow butterflies! Look for my next post when the caterpillars arrive.

Student Blogger: Colin

I’m writing about Yoshi’s New Island!  I’ll tell you what Yoshi colors there are. There is blue, green, red, yellow, purple, orange and pink. I like Yoshi’s New Island because Yoshi can turn into anything such as a cart, air balloon and a drill! I have seen the video on YouTube! You can get the game on the Nintendo 3DS! At one part of the game there is a bad guy who turns into an imposter of you and you have to trick him to fall in the spikes! I have not played the game but it looks fun!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Student Blogger: Chase

Cleaning Up the Environment
by Chase    

A couple of weeks ago my brother, Parker, my Aunt Bridget, and I went to a canal by my house. We went fishing. Before we left we saw that on the rocks and the ground there was old bottles, an orange, and a bunch of trash. I went home and got a bag to clean up all of the trash. We went home and put the bag in our garbage can.
I think that everybody should clean up the environment. To wrap it all up I like cleaning up the environment.    

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Student Blogger: Elliott

Hi, my name is Elliott.  I am going to tell you about my baseball season. I have been hitting and catching.  My first game is on March 22nd, 2014. As you can see, I have a picture with me and a baseball chart that my dad and I have been working on. We made the picture because I do not know the rules of the game.  My team name is the White Sox.  It is named after the Chicago White Sox.  My Coach's name is Eddie. My Manager is Nick. I love baseball.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Student Blogger: Emily M.

On Tuesday we went on a school field trip.  It was a fun day.  We went to the train museum.  We went on a big yellow school bus.

First, we went to an old school house and played on the swings.  We rode on an old train.  We saw the gold bridge.  After that, we went inside to look at old trains.

We ate lunch on picnic tables outside.  We played a game of red light, green light and yellow light.  It was cool.

We came back to school in the yellow bus.  It was a super fun day!

Emily M

Student Blogger: Kobe

My class Skyped Ame Dyckman today. She is the author of many books.  She gave us books to read in class. She wrote Boy+Bot. It's about helping people and robots. She also wrote Tea Party Rules.  It's about following rules. Her next book is called Wolf Dressed Up as a Bunny. It's about trying on new clothes. She is one of my favorite authors because her books make me laugh.  I will try to read all of her books.  She knows that I like reading books and she said she likes reading books too!  She is the best author in the world.

Student Blogger: Elliott

All About Cheetahs & Peregrine Falcon

My favorite animal is a cheetah because it can run 72 miles per hour.  That means that it can go 72 miles in one hour, but it can only go for a quarter of a mile at this speed.  It is the fastest land animal on the planet. The peregrine falcon's speed is 240 miles per hour.  When the peregrine falcon flies up and then dives down it reaches maximum speed, which the cheetah can't catch.  The peregrine falcon is the fastest animal in the world, faster than a cheetah. I still like a cheetah more because it goes as fast as a car. I wish I could run that fast.  I am playing baseball and I can run very fast around the bases, probably 10 miles per hour. I love cheetahs & peregrine falcons, but I still like Cheetahs more.

Sincerely, Elliott
Cheetah running full speed
Peregrine falcon in an athletic dive

Student Blogger: Angela

On Tuesday, we went to a field trip.  We rode the bus to Old Sacramento. I was so excited about it.  I sat next to my friend Oceana. The first thing we did when we got there was to go to the park. I saw swings and the next thing I know is I was up and down.  Second, we went to a school. We learned how to curtsy, and use our manners.  Third, we rode a train. I felt a little weird; it was my very first time in a train. I really loved the ride. I wish I could ride it again.  Fourth, we ate lunch. I ate a sandwich, a banana, and I drank apple juice. It was so yummy.  Finally we went to the museum.  I saw a train, and some paintings. I got on the train. I thought it was real, but it wasn't. There were some statutes of people. I said hi to them, but they didn't even move. That was incredible. They really look like real people.  I really, really, really had so much fun. I can’t wait for our next field trip.

By Angela

Student Blogger: Colin

I like recess.  At recess I slide on the big slide and I like the monkey bars too. I’m learning the monkey bars still. And I play with my friends. I play lego movie a lot.

I play minecraft.

I play lego minecraft.

I play basketball too.

I also play my made up games.

My made up games are super.

Student Blogger: Maya

Calaveras Big Trees
Calaveras became a State Park in 1931 to preserve the North Grove of giant sequoias. We also hiked there with some sticks so we don't fall down.

We also got to go under a tree stump. It was so much fun!  I even got to bring a friend. There was a lot of rain there.

There was a tree on fire, it was so cool and it was about to fall. They grow up to 100 feet tall. They are also the biggest and oldest trees in the Earth and we have the privilege of having them here in California. It felt really cold so I wore my snow suit. After that I went to a cabin. In there they gave me some hot chocolate and then I sat by the fire to warm up. It was the best day ever! I hope I can do that one day again. There was lots of puddles. There were some big ones and some very big and some small. One tree was already cut down and it was a huge one. I like hiking with my family. I was so excited to see how many trees were there. There was little bit of snow there. I really like snow.

Student Blogger: Trèsor

On Thursday, I have a dance recital. I'm going on the stage. It's going to be fun. My teacher is going on the stage, too. I think it will be fun dancing with my teacher, but I think she will be nervous. I hope I remember all of my routine. My brother is going on the stage.  His class is Hip Hop. My class is Variety Arts. I told him not to be scared. My costume is really cute.


Student Blogger: Mariana

Did you know that pandas can sleep whenever they want? Did you that regular pandas and red pandas are nocturnal. Pandas cannot see very well in the day because they have special eye sight, the can see better in the dark. Pandas are carnivores, but 99% of the time they eat bamboo. Baby pandas are pink and cannot open their eyes until younger. Pandas stay with their moms for 18 months only. Pandas live in bamboo forests, Asian mountains and cloudy mountains in Asia, they eat small birds, flowers, small rodents, bamboo and plants. Pandas are afraid of snow leopards and humans because they are the panda's predators.