Wednesday, February 11, 2015

All About Asia: Our Class Paragraph

Huge accomplishment this week these first graders worked together to write an AWESOME paragraph about Asia and some of the animals that live there. Over the past several weeks, we studied the giant panda, the Indian peafowl, and the king cobra, and we watched some videos that included information on other Asian animals, like the red panda, the tiger, and the orangutan. But my favorite source for what went into this paragraph? Some kids did a little research at home on their own!

Miss Kloczko, did you know that the orangutan is endangered, too, just like the panda?

I LOVED having first graders come up to ME to teach ME things they learned at home!

The kids worked in pairs on Monday to write sentences about animals from Asia. Then, on Tuesday, we spent about 45 minutes tearing and rearranging and rereading and revising to make our paragraph perfect (with a few exercise breaks sprinkled in, of course!) and I was so impressed!

Read our finished version, and see the illustrations below!


  1. Dear First Graders,
    You are so smart! I love reading all of the facts that you know. That paragraph is so BIG! Congratulations on writing such an awesome paragraph together. Way to go!
    Mrs. Kloczko

  2. WOW! What great work, The Red Panda is my favorite animal to see at the Sacramento Zoo. Also I didn't realize peacocks were originally from Asia. I am so glad to learning something new today.
    Alanna Longhurst
    Cedric's Mom

  3. These pictures are all so awesome!! You are all so talented and smart!! I never knew the King Cobra lives in India and tigers live in Asia. Would you rather sit next to and pet a King Cobra or a tiger? Thanks for sharing all that information with me.

  4. Great work, first graders! Remember when we saw red pandas at the zoo? That was a fun field trip!

    Lisa Landry (Milana's mom)

  5. Nice job on the paragraph! I learned that King Cobras can unhook there fangs. That's cool! What was the most interesting thing you learned?

  6. I liked your blog first graders. I didn't know red pandas were related to raccoons.
    Your Third Grade Friend,
    P.S. I'm Ainsleys Reading Buddy.