Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ninjago and More (Student Blogger: Jalen)

Ninjago is a pretty awesome series. It has Nindroids and all sorts of Ninjas.  Every episode it gets cooler.  Maybe you should watch it one day.


  1. Jalen,
    Ninja....go! We love Lego Ninjago at our house too. It is a show we regularly watch. Did you know that there are Lego Ninjago books on the book order form? Michael got some last month. We read all about the Nindroids taking over the city. Fortunately Sensei Wu and his team were able to beat them back.
    Mr. Wood

  2. What a great review blog Jalen! Did you recommend this to Jacob? I bet he will come over and watch an episode with you! Go Kai! He is the one in red. Now all we need is some popcorn and we are all set to watch. Which one is your favorite J? Jacob's Mom

  3. hey jalen i love ninjogo to

  4. My favorite is the green ninja. He is also the golden ninja. He learns how to move mountains. Jacob